Friday, 4 June 2010

when life gives you excess amounts of mint...

one of our mint bushes multiplied massively when we weren't looking so as i love mint soda i decided to make mint cordial!  recipie? pah!! i prefer the challenge of figuring it out as i go along...

two large salad spinners full of curly mint, with a bit of peppermint and apple(?)mint thrown in for possible balance of minty flavour

a litre-ish of boiling water and frightening amounts of caster and unrefined sugar (even for me!)

reduce down for probably not long enough (until it could just about be described as syrupy)

decant into bottle and label with nice ricedk wrapping paper (mr lc says i only made it so i could make the label!)

it does look like dark chicken stock but it tastes good!

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domestic godess said...

Hello - have just discovered your blog via Table Tonic and love, love, love it! It too have a plethora of mint come summer. I make a kind of pesto out of it (mint, cashews, loads of garlic, parmesan and olive oil: whizz together in the food processor until it looks about right). I serve it with holumi that we cook on the bbq (yes its true, we Australians love the barbie) or with lamb. It is so good that I even served it for Christmas lunch.