Monday, 14 June 2010

bedroom dreams

at some point in the nearish future i will be painting our bedroom the colour on the paint chip here (pinning it to the wall was supposed to motivate me, it hasn't worked!)

i crocheted -what is the past tense of crochet?- this blanket about six months ago, in preparation for the new yellowness.

all the pictures currently on the windowsill will be going on the wall above the bed, along with the glory that we got on saturday, and i will be replacing the mirrored doors on the wardrobe with a white and embroidered patchwork-y curtain (still to be made!)

 i also need a new quilt cover. i MUST have this now that we can get urban outfitters homewares (a paltry selection though) in europe...

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Jitendra said...

All the combination like floors design, wall colors and many more are suitable for our bed room.