Tuesday, 29 June 2010

knobs! (so,so sorry)

we finally have our full retinue of doors, all attatched to their respective doorholes! after a couple of years with various doors missing, mr l.c. finished the last door today, so now we need to buy some fancy doorknobs to replace the mismatched and ill fitting assortment we now have (although i wouldn't mind a selection of different styles, just nicer than horribly nicotine stained and uncleanable bakelite and aluminium.)

these are my ideals...

i love these classic glass faceted ones from graham&green, particularly the green, and i also really like these glass ones with painted flowers, they don't seem to be available anymore, but i think i may have to decorate whatever doorknobs we end up with in such a manner!

so pretty - this may just be a step to far for the mister! - so on a more sober note...

these (very, very pricey) victorian ones from ebay are just georgeous, and just look at the little details on the backplates. i think we are in for a long search!

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boliyou said...

All great ideas! I just came across some glass doorknobs in our garage. I'm thinking of converting them into oversized cabinet handles. Some day.