Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Rickety Shed

A bit of this

and a bit of this

and a talented and willing (to work with my exacting demands!) craftsman ends up with this:

I commisioned Mr L.C. to make this for my work and it is exactly how I wanted it! I only had to wait a week from the original idea until it was finished and in the shop.  I love it!

Friday, 29 January 2010

Visual merchandising? Art? Weirdness?

How cool are these photos?  I love multiples of objects and slightly strange itemisation.
There is something a little creepy and sinister to the spaces...


The cubicle of chairs is just really, really cool, and the piles of phones look like an artwork.

It is actually how a Salvation Army shop near Palm Springs in California, which is partially located in an old office building, is 'merchandised'.  I genuinley can't figure out if it is just really terrible and odd, or if the person who did it is seriously and bravely talented.

I think the way its photographed makes it look like a conceptual interiors magazine feature. I stumbled across the excellent blog the-brick-house, which as well as great photography of her various finds and stupidly cool abode, is very amusingly written. I am a fan!!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

A little lazy cozy

'Lazy cozy' is my interpretation of the scandanavian concept of hygge.  It means something like homely, comfortable, content  and spending time with loved ones.

Here are some very important lazy cozy elements!

Striking yarns and a crochet hook.

An ever growing collection of interiors references and journals.
( serious works these, very educational!)

Making pretty things, for nice people.

and of course, blueberry cupcakes with maple buttercream and bacon sprinkles!

Lazy cozy may not be for those who wish to stay slim.

All images by me.

Friday, 22 January 2010

well hello there!

After -yes- procrastinating for far too long, here's my first post!

I just couldn't resist the perfect combination of craftiness, upcycling, indulgent food, whimsy and best of all stationery geekiness with a ladylike heart which i came across today over at poppytalk.

Oh me oh my! Bunting and stamps and such pretty colours.

I'm not usually one for wedding cakes but this is so simple and understated.

dsharp make very pretty celebration notions and letterpressed cards (oh how i want a letterpress), and just look at their eiffell tower candy holder, it combines at least three of my favourite things, paper, sugar and the 'iron lady' herself!!

Back soon!