Friday, 29 January 2010

Visual merchandising? Art? Weirdness?

How cool are these photos?  I love multiples of objects and slightly strange itemisation.
There is something a little creepy and sinister to the spaces...


The cubicle of chairs is just really, really cool, and the piles of phones look like an artwork.

It is actually how a Salvation Army shop near Palm Springs in California, which is partially located in an old office building, is 'merchandised'.  I genuinley can't figure out if it is just really terrible and odd, or if the person who did it is seriously and bravely talented.

I think the way its photographed makes it look like a conceptual interiors magazine feature. I stumbled across the excellent blog the-brick-house, which as well as great photography of her various finds and stupidly cool abode, is very amusingly written. I am a fan!!

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