Tuesday, 3 April 2012

rainy day craftiness

inspired by this

              and this - on the pinterest


i had a rainy tuesday, post migrane, solo crafternoon
as these beauties only come in iphone variety, and not the highly superior htc/android variety (she writes on the macbook...), needs must that i make my own!

i started with a cheapo ebay clear case

then i first sprayed some gold spray paint into a suitable receptacle and use a toothpick to strategically apply gold specks

i then applied layered coats of nail varnishes (lazy cozy medium of choice at the moment!) to build up the pattern

et ta-da!!

fancy fancy! i love it (even though i say so myself!)

also, apologies for the crappy photos, good camera charger is currently lost and i don't know how to operate manual settings on 2nd best camera!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

tuesday treasures

after starting the day at the dentists (horror!),
 today was a very enjoyable and productive day off...

local charity shop finds so i can indulge in some (more) world pattern mixing craziness at home and in dress a la the fantabulous Justina Blakeney (formerly of Compai)

oh yes, and a suprise shed find by mr l.c. of a tord boontje garland which we bought with our wedding gift vouchers seven years ago

a baking and cooking fest of sweet potato falafel, two salads, hummus, navajo flatbreads, a giant batch of sugar cookies AND the above banana muffins for our breakfasts this week

i also did a new faaan-cy manicure and customised a dress into a skirt and little jacket that are trimmed with flouro pink stitching and TASSELS!! (more on that tomorrow!)


Sunday, 5 February 2012

washi tape manicure

this is the way to fill a sunday evening...

nail varnish, washi tape, craft knife and spare time equals

super lazy cozy manicure (on horrible flaky hands!)

Sunday, 8 January 2012

sunday supper

a healthy vegan supper for the new year

onion bhajiis with carrot & cucumber salad

onion bhajiis

white onions
gram (chickpea) flour
ground cumin
podered tumeric
ground black pepper

sweat onions, spices and seasoning in oil.
whem onions are soft, mix into thickish batter with the flour and some water.
shallow fry on highish heat, turning once, and trying not to maim yourself with splashes of hot oil.


olive oil

grate carrots, dice cucumber, chop parsley.
mix into bowl with a small amount of s&p, lemon juice and olive oil.

serve with chilli jam. mmmmmmm!

(full disclosure: before we ate this, we ate a large pack of serrano ham straight out of the packet, like pigs, cannibal pigs eating other pigs)

oh, sad day

i always hate the when the day comes every year to take down the tree.

we went with pompoms and popcorn this year

our poor living room looks naked.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

happy new year!

and happy new lazycozy! 
after a stressful and difficult 2011, 2012 is a year of fresh starts and creativity in the l.c. household, so lazycozy is back.

christmas was all about extreme re-couperation after the annual retail (and merchandising) hell. it was low key and lovely.

we have been working on many projects over the past year, including the black hallway and a bargainous new ercol daybed for the living room, both of which need a few final tweaks and fixes. 
(if one looks closely one can see the double sided tape that has failed to keep tthe fabric trim under the picture rail on, and cat scratches on our home made indian "silver" dresser")

there will be many lovely updates on our decorating to come!

we have started the new year with healthy strawberry and banana smoothies, and i have started it with new blond hair! 
the photo makes it look ok, but in reality it is a weird orangey colour until i can bleach it again tomorrow.

the snazzy bandage on my hand is a result of a bad fall in november.

by far the worst event of 2011 in the l.c. house was the death of poor little mew mew, but now these two have come to live with us, mr clyde being very co-operative and photogenic, and miss bonnie being almost impossible to tame!

here's to a fantastic new year!!