Tuesday, 3 April 2012

rainy day craftiness

inspired by this

              and this - on the pinterest


i had a rainy tuesday, post migrane, solo crafternoon
as these beauties only come in iphone variety, and not the highly superior htc/android variety (she writes on the macbook...), needs must that i make my own!

i started with a cheapo ebay clear case

then i first sprayed some gold spray paint into a suitable receptacle and use a toothpick to strategically apply gold specks

i then applied layered coats of nail varnishes (lazy cozy medium of choice at the moment!) to build up the pattern

et ta-da!!

fancy fancy! i love it (even though i say so myself!)

also, apologies for the crappy photos, good camera charger is currently lost and i don't know how to operate manual settings on 2nd best camera!


Birds&Words said...

looks fab!!

Monkey's Mama said...

love it! I have an htc evo myself (and I'm typing on a mac!!)