Wednesday, 4 August 2010

wedding invitations, and bad photography...

i have been working on stationery for my cousin-in-law's (its a thing!) autumn wedding.
she wanted a simple, typographic theme, and i'm pretty happy with what i've come up with...

not so happy with my photographic skills, much visual merchandising related tiredness is not helping!
neither is the fact that i have been fighting with my (very expensive) printer which is not letting me print envelopes (the envelope above is not meant to be just blank, oh no, i have special plans for the envelopes!)

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

i got them!!

ooh, look what i own...

i think i will mount them on a lace-y paper platform in a shadow box for now, but i may also make a white paper baba-yaga house to go on the top of them...

baba-yaga is a witch in russian fairy tales who always impressed me as a (slightly odd) child.
strictly speaking her house has chicken legs, but crows legs are so much more creepy!

Saturday, 31 July 2010


cute and cozy, whilst also really strange and disturbing. perfect!!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

today i am coveting...

an antidote to the granny-ness that has overtaken me of late.
i really, really,really want some of these - the start of a deceased menagerie if you like...
beloved & co, etsy
and i am totally and utterly head-over-heels in love with these...

good ol' ebay
for some reason the dis-embodiment makes them so much better!!!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

things i may someday make...

like an old lady, i am now searching out favourite yarns! i bought some gorgeous multi coloured Rowan wool in Liberty on a trip to London last summer, and am coming close to finishing it (NOOOOOO! must hoard, must hoard!).
as well as lovely (and expensive!) yarns, they also have a free projects section on their website, which might even get me to learn to knit more than plain stitch...
 LOVE the plaited necklace, and i could actually make the top one as it is crochet, though deciphering the pattern might take some work! 
such a cute tea-cozy, and its called the 'hug' cozy!
i want this whole outfit, but may have to ask my knitting meistress mother to knit this sweater for me, for my up-coming birthday!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

its not an addiction!!

i have been crocheting cushion covers obsessively for the last month...

when i should have been doing something much more constructive and profitable like designing and printing cards.
now i just have to make the actual cushion covers up, make labels, decide where the best place to sell them is (and actually get around to doing so), and price them so that i am not working as slave labour and so that people don't think they should be made of pure gold!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

thank you, and ooooh look!

Thank you so much to all the new lazycozy followers, and amazed thanks to louise at the lovely australian blog table tonic, full of stunning interiors eye-candy!

table tonic is also a superb emporium of lots of my favourite things; mr l.c.will be glad we do not live in the antipodes, as i want ALL of these!

vintage suzaniis...

ikat cushions and embroidered mexican bedspreads...

moroccan leather pouffes...

and, oh!, look at this blue moroccan wedding blanket; we have a gorgeous traditional one which we bought on our honeymoon, but now i want to go back even more so that i can get one of these!

a little picture...

and a lot of bravery! i did a quick sketch of mew mew the other night, because i really want to be able to draw and i have to start somewhere...

it is in no way anatomically correct, but its the first drawing i have done for years and years that i am at all happy with. trying to draw correctly makes me (actually) feel like crying so i'm going with picasso, who said he spent his whole life trying to unlearn how to draw - lucky i don't have years of training then!

it also made me very happy that mr l.c., my pop and my sister all - independantly of each other - said it looked a bit warholesque - my ultimate illustration hero, and, y'know, not that bad of an artist all round!!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

pink-slaw, geodes and turbans

my mum and dad have been staying with us for the weekend, so we thought we would treat them to our new favourite recipie, pink-slaw, made with beetroot and turnip (from our garden) and red cabbage (from the supermarket!), and just a little bit of mayonnaise...

mmmmmm, pink-slaw and roast chicken!

my pop pays good attention and brought me a lovely little geode from the shop at the ulster museum...

and my maw, in her creative genius, brought a turban from a performance of a mini-play she wrote, which i nabbed as i think it looks rather fetching in a little edie type way.  

no, i don't think it makes me look like a crazy at all!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

on the subject of bathrooms...

in my search for images for a project at work today, i came across these two vinatge 'vent-away' toilet ads with a perfect but somewhat bizzare visual concept...

i particularly like yellow one, coloured bathroom suites surely must be due for a revival!

my goodness me!!!

the bathroom floor got on apartment therapy!!
i think i might be speechless!!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

bedroom plan, and some coveting

our spare bedroom is currently being used as mew mew's bedroom, she basically has her own bed!  as it's bigger than our current bedroom, we think we'll swap, so we plan to get started on decorating it soon (tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow!); we will be putting up a picture rail and skirting boards (to be painted white) and painting below the picture rail in this turquoise-y beauty ...

i have had the curtains i plan to use in the wardrobe in our room for about two years,  bought from a charity shop (of course!) and lined with turquoise! (it's quite a big scaled pattern, i think it looks like it should be in a large english country house, or maybe even a bit palm springs-y)

this picture from the car boot sale down the road, which i masked off and sprayed the frame of, will be featured somewhere...

the following two items, from a very nice antique shop, are in the fantasy design of the room, as the fabric - which i would use on a chair - is not for sale (boo)...

and the ridiculously gorgeous venetian glass mirror is £220 - waaaay out of our budget. but i LOVE it so much it makes me want to cry...


well of course!!

i decided to have a t'internet free long weekend - haven't even checked my emails - i get on ikea hacker and also have a busy comment weekend on lazycozy!!
sorry to anyone who thought i was being ungracious or rude!!
and as to the question of the booze bottles in the bathroom, they hold our bath-creme and shampoos! i hardly ever drink, but i do like to try and retain the veneer of rock'n'roll, and bombay saphire is most definitely my booze of choice, ooh or hendrick's cucumber gin - i do like gin!!

Friday, 9 July 2010

today i am coveting...

all this thrifting isn't just glamour thrifting, it born of actual pauper-ness, so today i decided to go anthropologie fantasy shopping...
i love these geode-like coasters and hope the geological mini-trend of the moment lasts a while - i really want some crystal clusters and wish i still had all the rocks and minerals i used to collect from the museum when i was a kid.

i do like a terrarium, and i love the seafaring theme of these, they make me want to sing sea-shanties!

as for the cat plate and the shower curtain, these are fantasy shopping even if i had the money, as they are just too girly for mr l.c. to live with (even though he actually wanted our pink fridge)!

perfect dress by proxy

ok, its not the PERFECT dress, but it is a very nice dress, and it was only £9 in tkmaxx, and now i won't have to yearn so much for the cath kidston one...

for me a pretty white dress is a wardrobe staple, and i can't wear my lovely antique one as i bought it when i was teeny-tiny and now my well-fed arms are ripping it when i try to move!! i still look at it every  day though, hung up in our bedroom...

oh well. i shall be wearing the proxy dress with black tights, black slip and my dead man's brogues which i got in a charity shop for £5... a fatter, older alexa chung!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

thank ebay!

ebay blessed us with five sets of these lovely blue ceramic doorknobs (for £11!).

mr l.c. remains to be convinced, he needs a bit of help to see past their 80s-ness, he has asked me to explain and justify my design process. i hope i don't have to build a 3D scale model like i did when i was planning the bathroom. (yes, i really did, i spent a whole afternoon in my old office job doing just so - oh for a husband with no design opinions!!)
i think the hallway plan can rock them, and as there are only five and we have six doors, the rooms that blue won't work in can have different interior handles. (the graham and green ones!!!)

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

more bathroom stuff!

mr l.c. and i have been busy refurbishing some of our spoils which we got in the "dead people shop" - so called by my beautiful, clever, talented, younger and only sister (contractual obligation!!) - a house clearance warehouse paradise!

this is the cool little stool in its original state - it was deee-sgustingly filthy and the seat fabric was almost totally worn away.  i cleaned it up, spray painted the base, and upholstered the seat. 

now it looks like this (!) and it even has a little basket under the seat for us to store our stuff that doesn't look good with the booze bottles!

mr l.c.'s contribution to the refurbishment of bathroom goods was first the cleaning of our new, non-crappy-plastic, scales.  unfortunately the cleaning led to them not working, so he took them apart, figured out how they work, and fixed them!  (i am so proud!)

now we have real vintage scales which even have a little light at the face, much better than the p diddy ones!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

i have lots of excellent saturday spoils and related projects to share, but i will split them over the week, as i am kind of good for nothing today, due to the fact that my digestive system has finally broken under the strain of the lazy cozy diet of treats as staple foods!

i did make this while feeling sorry for myself on the sofa though...

i'm making myself use my hoarded materials, this used some gorgeous wool by kaffe fassett (again! - i really like his use of colour).  it is backed with a deep green felt and i think it looks very at home on mr l.c.'s sofa (we have one each, we don't share!!)