Tuesday, 6 July 2010

more bathroom stuff!

mr l.c. and i have been busy refurbishing some of our spoils which we got in the "dead people shop" - so called by my beautiful, clever, talented, younger and only sister (contractual obligation!!) - a house clearance warehouse paradise!

this is the cool little stool in its original state - it was deee-sgustingly filthy and the seat fabric was almost totally worn away.  i cleaned it up, spray painted the base, and upholstered the seat. 

now it looks like this (!) and it even has a little basket under the seat for us to store our stuff that doesn't look good with the booze bottles!

mr l.c.'s contribution to the refurbishment of bathroom goods was first the cleaning of our new, non-crappy-plastic, scales.  unfortunately the cleaning led to them not working, so he took them apart, figured out how they work, and fixed them!  (i am so proud!)

now we have real vintage scales which even have a little light at the face, much better than the p diddy ones!


mise said...

Great job on that stool - it looks lovely now.

my favorite and my best said...

i LOVE that you get shitfaced while taking a bath. are we best friends waiting to happen?

Meghan said...

How fun is that?!?!?! I love all the colors! Great work!

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