Friday, 12 March 2010


Love all the colour and pattern all together! Especially love the lampshade and the pretty coloured plastic hangers and do always love the use of an Aqua Panna bottle - its the styling 'b-side' of S. Pelligrino!
Am assuming this is something to do with Anthropologie?

Image David Meredith via Desire to Inspire

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

All About the Contrasts!

After all the sugar... Black!  I recently had a large wall in work painted with blackboard paint and it looks GREAT!  My Favorite and My Best had some georgeous black painted summerhouses last week, and Yvestown posted about starting to use black in her house, maybe black is back?
I loved the kitchen blackboard wall trend of a few years ago, but Mr LC said no, I say it may still happen!

I never got my black bedroom as a teenager, parents said no and then landlords resoundingly said no!

Black does look good in a bathroom!

Oh I just need that bear!!!  I would contrast it with something pretty though, maybe a 50s floral still life?

I think, though, that the black wall is going to be the wall behind my desk in our study, I can scrawl on it in chalk and pretend to be a theoretical physicist!

Images: Apartment Therapy, Domino, AT, AT, Desire to Inspire.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Some Sugary Treats

I am led to believe that we no longer refer to pastels, but to sorbet shades.  That's OK by me, because by my reckoning I can now add rasperry and blackberry to the classsic spring-y pallette.  As WorldFreeze is still in full effect, despite the illusory sunshine, I shall indulge my yearnings for Springtime colour in some pretty interiors to cure the Monday blahs.

(not an interior, but pretty cool anyway)

Apart from the last two, which I know are Vanessa Bruno's Paris apartment - frome Elle Decoration - I haven't a clue where I found the rest of the images, they are part of my hoard of pretty picures, lazily saved and not referenced!

Friday, 5 March 2010


Mr LC has just informed me that thre is "tons of silver dinnerware" in his mother's attic (this sounds so much grander than the reality!) but he told her we didn't want it.

Either he is joking or insane.  "What use would we have for silver dinnerware?".   Every bloody day use that's what!

I shall be rescinding his refusal and setting some stunning tables for baked beans and cheese on toast!

Toasty Goodness

I have been tring to avoid the new Toast catalogue and convince myself  I'm not interested, but just look how they sucker you in...

I have wanted one of their lovely 50s style swimsuits for sooo long, but as I neither swim nor want to inflict the caffine addict thighs on the general public, it may stay in fantasy land along with the verdant pool!

These pajamas and STUNNING kimono would in no way stay as indoor wear.

These boots fulfill the cowboy, workboot, biker requirement to a tee and look like they would fit my 'muscular' calves. I would make them work with everything!

I want this whole exact outfit, (do people actually buy kidneys?) and most especially the headdress, which I will shortly try to duplicate and I swear I will not wait for an occasion to wear it.  I will wear it to work, on a Tuesday!!!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Just Because I Didn't Post Yesterday...

I thought i would just share this stupendous Polly Wreford image which has been on a couple of the blogs recently,

and then checked in at Casapinka (who posted the pretty flowers as well) only to see this beauty!

Wowee!! She made this dress from lovely Amy Butler fabric, and how stylish and gorgeous does she look!!
Like a living embodiment of the flowers photo!

Glorious Home Offices









Hmm, thats a prettily styled and organised shelf.


Arrgggh! Zoom out to mess, no curtains and one end of the table unpainted (it used to be agianst the wall).
Not too bad you say? There are now about ten boxes of stuff  in our living room which need to be organised into here. they are covered with a blanket at the moment, if I don't look at them they don't exist!!

This WILL BE ADDRESSED at the weekend! (Before the weekend of celebrations - Mum's birthday fishy themed meal and sister's engagement party at future in-laws!!)

I shall just think of the above. This is why we have inspiration files, perhaps they should be renamed motivation files!

Offices from Making It Lovely (two!), The Brick House, Living Etc, Kathryn M Ireland via just about every blog in the world last year and then me (can't you tell!)

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The List of Projects Starts Today!!

Well... the actual projects start at the weekend.

Having come across this lovely image again (via My Favourite and My Best, I think, had a bit of a blog binge on Sunday!) I am itching to finish the recovering of my sofa cushions in the BARGAINOUS Icelandic Poppy fabric which I scored last year on one of the online discount fabric warehouses.  It was under £10 per metre, down from £98 per metre (there are not enough exclaimation marks anywhere for this bargain!)

Yes, there is the roll of fabric beside the sofa, and only two of the cushions are actually covered, and yes, the Picasso picture wall is only half done. I really will miss my vintage floral covers, but they are so vintage they are falling apart.  I would love to cover the whole sofa, so it could look a bit like the perfect,perfect sofa above, but even at that super-bargain price it's only gonna be the cushions. Eventually.

Now I just need to find out what is wrong with the sewing machine...

Monday, 1 March 2010

The First Day of Spring!

I was going to start Spring with my list of things I need to do to get the house looking like it does in my head, rather than the shambles it is in reality, but...
Today was neither freezing (just!) nor raining (almost a miracle!)  After a winter of being shut in by sub-zero temperatures and snow and rain, rain, rain, Mr LC and I were able to go somewhere, so we went to one of our favourite places.  A beautiful place with a distinctly unbeautiful name, Portmuck, on Islandmagee, not far from us in Co Antrim.

The light was amazing, it was such a clear day that we could see buildings across on Scotland.  I love that on the Antrim coast beside you is Scotland then there is nothing to the North until Iceland. 

Going here makes me remember that I live in a spectacularly beautiful country, and that I live in such a small city,as frustrating as small places can be.  I'm not totally content and serene though!  Portmuck makes me want to add another item to the never ending wish list - a wide angle lens so I can do justice to the view of the Glens of Antrim from here (or rather the promentories of Antrim, because you don't see the glens).

It really frustrates me that this is the best I can do, why can't the camera just take a picture of what I can see with my eyes! (I am familiar with the phrase "a bad workman blames his tools"!!)

Although I am pretty happy with these two, the light was just SO clear.

Tomorrow the projects start!