Monday, 8 March 2010

Some Sugary Treats

I am led to believe that we no longer refer to pastels, but to sorbet shades.  That's OK by me, because by my reckoning I can now add rasperry and blackberry to the classsic spring-y pallette.  As WorldFreeze is still in full effect, despite the illusory sunshine, I shall indulge my yearnings for Springtime colour in some pretty interiors to cure the Monday blahs.

(not an interior, but pretty cool anyway)

Apart from the last two, which I know are Vanessa Bruno's Paris apartment - frome Elle Decoration - I haven't a clue where I found the rest of the images, they are part of my hoard of pretty picures, lazily saved and not referenced!


mise said...

Those pink stairs have me yearning to relieve the whiteness of mine - ever so stylish and jolly.

rachellovecameron said...

they REALLY make me want to take up the grey carpet from mine!