Thursday, 4 March 2010

Glorious Home Offices









Hmm, thats a prettily styled and organised shelf.


Arrgggh! Zoom out to mess, no curtains and one end of the table unpainted (it used to be agianst the wall).
Not too bad you say? There are now about ten boxes of stuff  in our living room which need to be organised into here. they are covered with a blanket at the moment, if I don't look at them they don't exist!!

This WILL BE ADDRESSED at the weekend! (Before the weekend of celebrations - Mum's birthday fishy themed meal and sister's engagement party at future in-laws!!)

I shall just think of the above. This is why we have inspiration files, perhaps they should be renamed motivation files!

Offices from Making It Lovely (two!), The Brick House, Living Etc, Kathryn M Ireland via just about every blog in the world last year and then me (can't you tell!)

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