Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The List of Projects Starts Today!!

Well... the actual projects start at the weekend.

Having come across this lovely image again (via My Favourite and My Best, I think, had a bit of a blog binge on Sunday!) I am itching to finish the recovering of my sofa cushions in the BARGAINOUS Icelandic Poppy fabric which I scored last year on one of the online discount fabric warehouses.  It was under £10 per metre, down from £98 per metre (there are not enough exclaimation marks anywhere for this bargain!)

Yes, there is the roll of fabric beside the sofa, and only two of the cushions are actually covered, and yes, the Picasso picture wall is only half done. I really will miss my vintage floral covers, but they are so vintage they are falling apart.  I would love to cover the whole sofa, so it could look a bit like the perfect,perfect sofa above, but even at that super-bargain price it's only gonna be the cushions. Eventually.

Now I just need to find out what is wrong with the sewing machine...


my favorite and my best said...

i love that you spelled my blog "favourite" instead of "favorite".
is the 2nd image your sofa and pillows? i love the pillow fabric. it's glorious.

rachellovecameron said...

that's the frayed vintage fabric, but it will return as smaller cushions.
charlie and lola are english so i' right!!! (I'm UK/US billingual, so will correct!)