Monday, 1 March 2010

The First Day of Spring!

I was going to start Spring with my list of things I need to do to get the house looking like it does in my head, rather than the shambles it is in reality, but...
Today was neither freezing (just!) nor raining (almost a miracle!)  After a winter of being shut in by sub-zero temperatures and snow and rain, rain, rain, Mr LC and I were able to go somewhere, so we went to one of our favourite places.  A beautiful place with a distinctly unbeautiful name, Portmuck, on Islandmagee, not far from us in Co Antrim.

The light was amazing, it was such a clear day that we could see buildings across on Scotland.  I love that on the Antrim coast beside you is Scotland then there is nothing to the North until Iceland. 

Going here makes me remember that I live in a spectacularly beautiful country, and that I live in such a small city,as frustrating as small places can be.  I'm not totally content and serene though!  Portmuck makes me want to add another item to the never ending wish list - a wide angle lens so I can do justice to the view of the Glens of Antrim from here (or rather the promentories of Antrim, because you don't see the glens).

It really frustrates me that this is the best I can do, why can't the camera just take a picture of what I can see with my eyes! (I am familiar with the phrase "a bad workman blames his tools"!!)

Although I am pretty happy with these two, the light was just SO clear.

Tomorrow the projects start!

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