Wednesday, 10 March 2010

All About the Contrasts!

After all the sugar... Black!  I recently had a large wall in work painted with blackboard paint and it looks GREAT!  My Favorite and My Best had some georgeous black painted summerhouses last week, and Yvestown posted about starting to use black in her house, maybe black is back?
I loved the kitchen blackboard wall trend of a few years ago, but Mr LC said no, I say it may still happen!

I never got my black bedroom as a teenager, parents said no and then landlords resoundingly said no!

Black does look good in a bathroom!

Oh I just need that bear!!!  I would contrast it with something pretty though, maybe a 50s floral still life?

I think, though, that the black wall is going to be the wall behind my desk in our study, I can scrawl on it in chalk and pretend to be a theoretical physicist!

Images: Apartment Therapy, Domino, AT, AT, Desire to Inspire.

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