Tuesday, 29 June 2010

knobs! (so,so sorry)

we finally have our full retinue of doors, all attatched to their respective doorholes! after a couple of years with various doors missing, mr l.c. finished the last door today, so now we need to buy some fancy doorknobs to replace the mismatched and ill fitting assortment we now have (although i wouldn't mind a selection of different styles, just nicer than horribly nicotine stained and uncleanable bakelite and aluminium.)

these are my ideals...

i love these classic glass faceted ones from graham&green, particularly the green, and i also really like these glass ones with painted flowers, they don't seem to be available anymore, but i think i may have to decorate whatever doorknobs we end up with in such a manner!

so pretty - this may just be a step to far for the mister! - so on a more sober note...

these (very, very pricey) victorian ones from ebay are just georgeous, and just look at the little details on the backplates. i think we are in for a long search!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

saturday spoils!

three car boot sales and a couple of charity shops later...

a very pretty bird print in a nice simple frame, and three little silver plated urns for flowers etc...

a really crudely modeled fake jasperware plastic umbrella stand that i love the colour of, and also kind of love for it's crapness...

a set of two smallish wooden shelf/brackets which i will use in the back bedroom for little bedside tables  (i have had this plan in mind for a couple of years now!)

a really cute little thistle pot, a discarded holiday souvenir as evidenced by the blurry lovely stamp on the bottom (i have a bit of an obsession with off register and messed up print, i think the demand for and pursuit of 'perfection' is a social illness!!)

and a seventies staffordshire ironstone steak-plate - i have wanted some of these since the 90s when they cost A LOT in london vintage shops, the style reminds me of jamie hewlett - i wonder if he ate a lot of steak in pubs growing up! 

mew mew also seems to like it so i might have to buy some more!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

weighty issues

i need to lose weight, so i need to weigh myself, so i need to buy scales. i'll buy the cheapest i can find, but these are the fantasy, lovely bright yellow seca medical style for about £70 (for bathroom scales that i am destined to despise!!)

these scales,however, are a sign that all is not right with the world...

24carat gold, real white leather foot plate, the (P) Diddy of the personal weighing world. £650, really? really??

...although the more i look at them the more i think i might kind of like them.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

the PERFECT dress

oh why can't cath kidston just reduce this to £25, so that i can spend days of whimsy just like their model.
we even stock the spotty windmills in work, so i'd be ready propped!

i know, i know, the dress to end all dresses is from cath k. and i aspire to whimsy- so rock n roll, so edgy!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

important research!

i have been working on some wedding invitations and , on a quest to find the name of the classic border style with squares on the corners, have fallen into a wee bit of an invitation internet gawking addiction! (martha stewart weddings has a lot to answer for!)

utterly stunning hand drawn calligraphic genius by none else than rifle.

pretty whimsy, lovely colours and lots of little dots (!!) by the indigo bunting (a martha stewart art director!).

oh my goodness! pink candy stripe paper bags, yellow and pink, vintage fonts, indie calligraphy, punched paper and LETTERPRESS!!
thoughtful day has included most of my very favourite things in these last invites (and an ex jonathan adler designer too!!)

Saturday, 19 June 2010

saturday spoils!

i am so happy i actually made the effort to walk the mile to our local car boot sale this morning, not only did i bring home these lovelies, but i got to appreciate the blue, blue sea and the rare event of a totally cloudless sky...

two beautiful (possibly ivory - hopefully very old) inlaid elephants. pretty, elegant and traditionally patterned, what more could one ask!...

soft, soft tan leather short cowboy boots with stars!! they are also fully magic and make my very muscular calves look positively slim, and were FOUR pounds!!! 

i also nabbed these from a neighbour's hedge and will try to propagate it so i can have a pretty wild rose hedge myself some day, for now they look good in a glass in our kitchen!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


when i gain my inheritance from the kindly benefactor to whom i unwittingly did an act of kindness in my youth, i shall be purchasing some if not all of these beautiful bokja pieces to furnish the home also kindly wished to me...

the floral fabric makes me feel the way homer simpson feels about donuts, and mixed with the missoniesque zig-zags!!!!

i do love me some eames, especially when reupholstered with abit of pretty/ sophistocated ethnic (i think ray and charles would have approved!)

i love the suzani sun/flower motif, and what great legs

lovely legs again, and the mix of colour and pattern of course appeals!

i shall lounge in artfully mismatched dries van noten and missoni on this, and read south american experimental fiction...

and i have to believe that this will be mine someday, not just the picture on my noticeboard in our study that has taunted me for over a year!!

Monday, 14 June 2010

bedroom dreams

at some point in the nearish future i will be painting our bedroom the colour on the paint chip here (pinning it to the wall was supposed to motivate me, it hasn't worked!)

i crocheted -what is the past tense of crochet?- this blanket about six months ago, in preparation for the new yellowness.

all the pictures currently on the windowsill will be going on the wall above the bed, along with the glory that we got on saturday, and i will be replacing the mirrored doors on the wardrobe with a white and embroidered patchwork-y curtain (still to be made!)

 i also need a new quilt cover. i MUST have this now that we can get urban outfitters homewares (a paltry selection though) in europe...

Saturday, 12 June 2010

saturday spoils!

mr lc brought these lovelies home from the car boot sale this morning...

a duck and reed embelished beveled edge granny mirror, along with two others to add to the ever growing collection, which is yet to find a home...

and a super fabulous 50's floral print which will be very at home in our bedroom (more on which next week).  i love, love, love, love the colours in this!!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

today i am coveting...

continuing the illustrated ceramics with weird cute little faces, i really wish i had a spare £235, as these donna wilson staffordshire dogs would be very at home in the new (as yet fantasy) hallway...

but which colour?!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

oh goodness me!

just look at the loveliness of these ceramics by stoke-on-trent illustrator katy leigh...

what weird pretty little faces!
i do love a cute salt and pepper shaker set, especially ones that have matching teacups!

and what a beautiful early-picassoesque naked lady and what a lovely POMPOMED blanket.

just like her ceramics, her website is simple, quirky and stylish; the contact page being particularly charming. i really love her style of illustration.

all images from www.katyleigh.co.uk

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

lovely stripey paper bags

when i grow up and have a wonderful emporium of my own, these are the bags i shall use (i shall also have matching rope handled carriers!) ...

i think i may just have to order some from carrierbagshop.co.uk (you would never have guessed that's where these photos are from!) just for me to hoard, i think they will make me very happy!

Monday, 7 June 2010

a natural pallette

when i hear the phrase 'a natural pallette' i usually think of boring, dreary, dull, depressing autumnal colours, or kountry krafty browns. 
i like vivivd, pure, bright colours that skip the eyes and go straight to the sinapses.
we went to the garden show BLOOM in Dublin yesterday and i got another of many recent doses of amazing plants.
there are so many colours and colour combinations in plants that just look like they cannot possibly be real or natural colours. i like my plants to look like they are chemichally dyed (but most certainly don't like them actually chemically altered in any way!!)

oh look at the vintagey yellow and super purple in these lupins!

the lilacs in these lilacs! (and the contrast with the pure green)

i LOVE begonia leaves, imagine these clours and patterns in a kilim type rug!

i have no idea what these are, some kind of special french (poisonous?) berry that grows at Versaille, but i love the slightly cold lavenderish shades. even the brown of the branch looks good beside the pretty!!

Oh hydrangeas!!!  i can't wait for these to be in bloom in our garden again! all those shades on one plant!! our other bedroom is going to have this kind of pallette (eventually!)

ahhh, pink and yellow, never should one be far from some pink and yellow!

delphiniums just make me feel like i've stepped into another dimension, how can they be just so blue!!

i really do love colour!
all images by me.