Monday, 7 June 2010

a natural pallette

when i hear the phrase 'a natural pallette' i usually think of boring, dreary, dull, depressing autumnal colours, or kountry krafty browns. 
i like vivivd, pure, bright colours that skip the eyes and go straight to the sinapses.
we went to the garden show BLOOM in Dublin yesterday and i got another of many recent doses of amazing plants.
there are so many colours and colour combinations in plants that just look like they cannot possibly be real or natural colours. i like my plants to look like they are chemichally dyed (but most certainly don't like them actually chemically altered in any way!!)

oh look at the vintagey yellow and super purple in these lupins!

the lilacs in these lilacs! (and the contrast with the pure green)

i LOVE begonia leaves, imagine these clours and patterns in a kilim type rug!

i have no idea what these are, some kind of special french (poisonous?) berry that grows at Versaille, but i love the slightly cold lavenderish shades. even the brown of the branch looks good beside the pretty!!

Oh hydrangeas!!!  i can't wait for these to be in bloom in our garden again! all those shades on one plant!! our other bedroom is going to have this kind of pallette (eventually!)

ahhh, pink and yellow, never should one be far from some pink and yellow!

delphiniums just make me feel like i've stepped into another dimension, how can they be just so blue!!

i really do love colour!
all images by me.

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