Saturday, 26 June 2010

saturday spoils!

three car boot sales and a couple of charity shops later...

a very pretty bird print in a nice simple frame, and three little silver plated urns for flowers etc...

a really crudely modeled fake jasperware plastic umbrella stand that i love the colour of, and also kind of love for it's crapness...

a set of two smallish wooden shelf/brackets which i will use in the back bedroom for little bedside tables  (i have had this plan in mind for a couple of years now!)

a really cute little thistle pot, a discarded holiday souvenir as evidenced by the blurry lovely stamp on the bottom (i have a bit of an obsession with off register and messed up print, i think the demand for and pursuit of 'perfection' is a social illness!!)

and a seventies staffordshire ironstone steak-plate - i have wanted some of these since the 90s when they cost A LOT in london vintage shops, the style reminds me of jamie hewlett - i wonder if he ate a lot of steak in pubs growing up! 

mew mew also seems to like it so i might have to buy some more!

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