Tuesday, 22 June 2010

important research!

i have been working on some wedding invitations and , on a quest to find the name of the classic border style with squares on the corners, have fallen into a wee bit of an invitation internet gawking addiction! (martha stewart weddings has a lot to answer for!)

utterly stunning hand drawn calligraphic genius by none else than rifle.

pretty whimsy, lovely colours and lots of little dots (!!) by the indigo bunting (a martha stewart art director!).

oh my goodness! pink candy stripe paper bags, yellow and pink, vintage fonts, indie calligraphy, punched paper and LETTERPRESS!!
thoughtful day has included most of my very favourite things in these last invites (and an ex jonathan adler designer too!!)

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mise said...

Thank goodness I'm married already or I'd feel I had to raise my game and create an invitation that made everyone decline to come in case their hat wasn't funky enough. All very impressive, and the candystripe bags one particularly so.