Friday, 5 March 2010

Toasty Goodness

I have been tring to avoid the new Toast catalogue and convince myself  I'm not interested, but just look how they sucker you in...

I have wanted one of their lovely 50s style swimsuits for sooo long, but as I neither swim nor want to inflict the caffine addict thighs on the general public, it may stay in fantasy land along with the verdant pool!

These pajamas and STUNNING kimono would in no way stay as indoor wear.

These boots fulfill the cowboy, workboot, biker requirement to a tee and look like they would fit my 'muscular' calves. I would make them work with everything!

I want this whole exact outfit, (do people actually buy kidneys?) and most especially the headdress, which I will shortly try to duplicate and I swear I will not wait for an occasion to wear it.  I will wear it to work, on a Tuesday!!!

1 comment:

gemma said...

I also am addicted to TOAST. E bay I tell ya!!