Tuesday, 27 July 2010

things i may someday make...

like an old lady, i am now searching out favourite yarns! i bought some gorgeous multi coloured Rowan wool in Liberty on a trip to London last summer, and am coming close to finishing it (NOOOOOO! must hoard, must hoard!).
as well as lovely (and expensive!) yarns, they also have a free projects section on their website, which might even get me to learn to knit more than plain stitch...
 LOVE the plaited necklace, and i could actually make the top one as it is crochet, though deciphering the pattern might take some work! 
such a cute tea-cozy, and its called the 'hug' cozy!
i want this whole outfit, but may have to ask my knitting meistress mother to knit this sweater for me, for my up-coming birthday!

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