Tuesday, 7 February 2012

tuesday treasures

after starting the day at the dentists (horror!),
 today was a very enjoyable and productive day off...

local charity shop finds so i can indulge in some (more) world pattern mixing craziness at home and in dress a la the fantabulous Justina Blakeney (formerly of Compai)

oh yes, and a suprise shed find by mr l.c. of a tord boontje garland which we bought with our wedding gift vouchers seven years ago

a baking and cooking fest of sweet potato falafel, two salads, hummus, navajo flatbreads, a giant batch of sugar cookies AND the above banana muffins for our breakfasts this week

i also did a new faaan-cy manicure and customised a dress into a skirt and little jacket that are trimmed with flouro pink stitching and TASSELS!! (more on that tomorrow!)


1 comment:

Erin said...

Can we please see your shredded shirt dress outfit please. Flashbacks of neon pink wool is making me happy on a crappy day!